The definition of beauty and the certainty of a lustrous tomorrow took the lions share of my thinking until I met you.

 An accidental meeting under the Ceiba tree was enough to keep you in memory thence. Years passed by and we were gradually nearing the future – a tomorrow, we’ve always dreamt of. 
I thought I could go miles to the moon with you but the winds of bad omen blew our way, taking you away and unfortunately and keeping me astray. 
As a son on a native farmer, who am I to keep  you from the son of the great King? Domestic pressures were enough to present me as monster before your scorching eyes.
 They told me to keep away from your sensuous sight. They told you to be far from my melodious voice. 
I believe this might be the medicinal acrid to cure your descendants from the realms of incurable destitute. I wish I can stretch to keep up until tomorrow but from where I seated, this is the end of the tunnel- I better let you go. 
I may have  the face you wouldn’t want to see,  the voice you wouldn’t want to listen to and the name you wouldn’t want to mention at this point in your life but insofar as I get my name indelible and retentive on your mind, I might be the same person you wouldn’t want to forget.   


Where there is Life, there is Hope

From the future unknown , the destiny unfulfilled and the passing of today to give rise to a new day. 

Prosperity follows my little shadow just as the sunflower follows the sun. 
Promise overdoses may sound unachievable in some ears. Battles of day and night have I fought to keep you in mind because I have grown to understand that even wars are fought to make peace. 
As futuristic as I may appear to be, I wish I could stretch forth to land the soils of tomorrow. 


Day by day, times are processed and little kids are gaining insight of maturity which is the clear distinction of yesterday, today and tomorrow…

Lost in my homeland, found in the grave yard

The hearts of men were filled with ingratitude, disloyalty, uncompassionate and hatred.  My helpless body lies motionless with no sign of sympathy, empathy and compassion from people I have longed believed to be my own.

The fruitful life of a native peace keeper like I was was truncated by a concocted false identity. I was brought to my knees even when I was lying and begging for my life to be spared-without a meagre cup of mercy!  
I have been betrayed and disappointed by the same people I was protecting. It was in a broad daylight and white clouds were tinted with innocent blood- nobody’s but mine. I have been bitten by the one I was feeding. 

 From the ruins of my death and the shadows of eternity, I knew I would one day vanquish from the land of the living fighting for and protecting my country. Little did I know I would die like a fugitive, hardcore criminal and a high ranking victim of instant justice! “Who am I?” The natives of my land asked as bruises and sweats of cold blood covered by mortal remains.
 My identity was never respected by the people I have laboured to protect. The land of misfortune swallowed  my helpless remains. I have been treated like a lost citizen in rival city,  tasted injustice whilst seeking justice. 
To the great ancestors of my land – the Nation I have been protecting her people all my life, this is the sound of my voice from the land of the death re-echoing in the ears of the ungrateful living I was protecting. 
Nobody but my own rejected me. The justice I was seek threatened and triumphed over me. However, I am never going to rest until it is restored on my land. I have paid my dues to deserve the returns on it. 

Once a soldier, always a Soldier!!! Ahooo Ahoyaahh!!!

​No Limits

It’s been long Coming, but collectively, we believe it will be worth waiting.

 Throughout decades of centuries and forth surging, the driving force behind our faster pace has never disappointed us. Though we stumble and fumble as we struggle, we rest not in battle. 

Yes! we care less about the limitations – they exist to catapult us to greater heights. We smile irrespective of our location and condition and do not allow the forces of oppression to clamp down our dreams and high hopes for a beautiful tomorrow. 

We smile and never respect class, race, colour and religious affiliations because we believe in what we see ourselves achieving together even from afar. 

Simply ask who we are , doubt not. We are TheNeverGiveUps.