You are heartless and cruel with no sense of your consequence tomorrow

How can you turn lovers who were once entangled in shades of love against themselves? You are wicked! You made the little ones hopeless and took away the joy. You directed them to the streets and showed them the path to deviance without a second thought.

At least you could have given your victims a second chance but you are so selfish and wanted their breakup so badly as if that gives you your optimal gratification.

Your actions brought pain and heighten the anger between you victims. This is agony is something they least expected but you made it a reality – you are heartless!



Rest in peace, they say when all I’ve laboured to gain was a long life

All is vanity, the good book says…

Rest in peace, they told me, when all I’ve survived my whole life was signs and prevalence of war and injustices. It was a world that loved to cure than to protect me against an ailment they can cure! Here they are today, acting like they care – maybe they do, just as they say, RIP

Rest in peace, I was told by lovers and pretenders whom for once wished for a solemn day like this to be witnessed earlier than it did. For this is the moment love gets to be expressed by both lovers and those on the other side of love. If I could rise from where I’m laid, I would tell them those smiles were once not smiles.

Rest in Peace as it was said by my offsprings whom for once wished I never left them in soo much pain and grief. Again I tell you dear ones. I’ve shared with you all the good, bad and ugly sides of life. Let the strangers cry of my departure but seek refuge in the memories we created together but if for some reasons you want to shed tears, I hope it’s worth every teardrop. Miss my physical presence from this day and beyond, for my imagined presence, I say may my legacies continue to live in your feeble hearts.

And then Again, rest in peace was the chorus sung by the crowd who now are ready to testify of my good deeds and suppress the evil deeds I was accused of in my breathing days. I paid my dues but who wins from the minority if the majority decides that majority wins? It was a collective decision that I was never good. But here they also are today, as united as always, in oneness, they say, ‘He was a good man.’

Rest in peace was heard from the lips of many who stood on the pulpit to read out comforting tributes to the many gathered in a memorial they wish were never part of their memory.

Rest in peace, as my tribute was read, many questioned why I couldn’t defeat this death like I did to many others

But let this memory be my memory for after my lonely days and toils on the surface of this Earth, nothing is much more befitting for a man on an Everlasting Journey than a REST IN PEACE.

Stand by Me

We begin this thing called ‘loving-you loving-me’ with all our hearts and unending hopes.

We love, cherish, believe and have faith that we will definately transport our union and hopes to see the dawn of  a tomorrow.

This tomorrow I dream of day and night is not a tomorrow immuned against shocks, heartbreaks, disappointments and unforseen contingencies.

When times are hard, when streams  and leaves dry up, I will need you so don’t give up!

Stand by me when I’m afraid, Stand by when I’m in pain, Stand by me again for it’s not a gain in vain.

Stand by me, Shadow!




Is it our ego or believe that makes us hate and denigrate those we think do not measure up to our self manufactured standards in society?

Sometimes I think our comparative advantage over others is just a mere privilege as in something that we dont have the power to choose. Think about our sex, race, colour, ‘religion’, and by extension, where and when we are born. These, we mostly inherit at conception and at birth.

Our awareness of how we differ from others and how we end up loving/accepting or hating who we are – our sex, religion and ethnic affiliation to mention but a few may sterm from social definitions and constructions of who and what is ‘right’ to the extent that if you don’t believe/reason or share something in common in line with the majority, you become a deviant and social rejection is what is serve on your table.

If you are fortunate to belong to that class of people whose sex is perceived as the ‘most important’ , whose religious practices is revered for being ‘the holiest of all Holiness’ , whose complexion is what will make others spend millions just to alter their melanine, and finally to cut it short, those whose socio-Economic status in society could get others intimidated to think that they are not worthy of existence – because they lack the purchasing power to pay for the life they WISH to live.

If you belong to this class, you are more likely to think that those unlike you are lazy, unfortunate, inferior and acursed or under the influence of a spell.

Let me pause here and stop the plenty xgdjejxbdhdndkkkldvxmcyevdpklshxbrjxnbn and end by saying that we may not have the free will to choose all the goodies in life and for this reason, some people will become more powerful, wealthier and more fortunate in this life than others.

Some of the things we have that give us the competitive urge over others such as our intellect, Sex, religious affiliation et al could be attributed to the doings of nature – which we don’t have absolute control over.

Everybody is important, however, not all of us may be as fortunate as YOU to possess those natural abilities and the socially constructed ‘normal’ way of life. It’s socially gratifying to be a member of the majority class but if you ever become a victim for belonging to a minority group in one way or another, trust you me, you will appreciate life from a different perspective and this could trigger changes in what you’ve been programmed to believe in and how you’ve been socialised to treat other people.

What Happened to the 2018 Resolution?

On the eve of January 1st, 2018, many were those that went to churches and other religious and non-religious gatherings to bid farewell to the year 2017 and also ushered in a new year. It is also notable that during 31st December, one key thing that climaxes the year is a resolution for the preceding year.

Here, these resolutions are the desires, goals, wishes, dreams among others that people wish to realize at the end of the year to come. People wish for the latest brand of cars and electronic gadgets. Others also wish to see their dream of going to school materialized. Long time relationship partners also yearn to seal their union via marriage not forgetting those with the goal of buying or putting up a mansion including those with incessant desire to travel overseas.

The above is but a summary of the expectations many hope for as they welcome a new year. To some, these resolutions have continually become a resolution year-in year-out for an unlimited number of reasons. Others too alter these resolutions somehow half way through the year. On the extreme, some even nip their resolution in the bud and exhaust a greater chunk of the year ‘resolutionless.’

The above notwithstanding, many are those that came up with an all-new set of resolutions for this year. The question is, what happened to that of last year? Did it materialize? Was it discarded? Is this year’s resolution an upgrade of last year’s accomplished resolutions?

Ask if you made the right resolution, what about the time, was the resource enough to nurture the resolution till fruition?  I guess there are thousand and one questions to be asked if last year’s resolution(s) is(are) to be assessed.

Resolutions must transcend prayers and mere words – it should be backed by action and determination.  New year resolution must move from a yearly ritual where people desire change, growth and development only when it’s 31st December to a point where they back their lifetime goals and aspirations with a consistent self-assessment and evaluation at all times in the year.

There is less doubt that you made some resolutions for this year as well. Learn your lessons. Answer questions related to why you couldn’t achieve most/all of last year’s resolution. A vivid assessment of your previous year’s resolution is tantamount to the realization of this year’s resolution.

Don’t just make a resolution, act on it till you make it happen.

          Happy New Year!!!

LEC presents Success Praise, 2018

Leadership Empowerment Consult in collaboration with all Churches and Music Groups on UCC present success praise to commemorate their 10th Anniversary.

The event, dubbed ‘success Praise’ is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 25th November, 2018 5pm prompt at the S. K Adjepong Lecture Theatre, University of Cape Coast.

Success Praise is under the theme “Enter His gate with Thanksgiving” taken from Psalm 100:4.

Ministering at the program is the legendary minister of God, Pastor Joe Beecham. There will also be series of ministrations from the LEC Mass Choir and other music groups within UCC and beyond.

Success Praise, Enter His gate with Thanksgiving!

Come let’s praise the Lord for how far He has brought us.

Success Africa Conference Climaxes on Nov. 3

Success Africa, a career development and entreprenuership conference organized under the auspices of LEC Group is set to draw the curtains down for this year’s edition on Saturday, 3rd November, 2018.

Some Speakers of the Conference


A cross-section of participants at the conference

This year’s version of Success Africa Commenced on the 29th of September and all is set for the Grand Finale on the aforementioned date at the Bank of Ghana Auditorium – University of Ghana.

After touring 8 regions and 9 University/Polytechnic Campuses this year, the event has impacted over 17,500 lives nationwide.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Albert Kusi, CEO of LEC Group and conference host expressed his satisfaction about this year’s conference. “It’s been an amazing experience. The response from participants, the hunger for knowledge and the massive turnout at the various venues especially the Northern part of Ghana and KNUST.” He said.

Success Africa 2018 is organized under the theme “Igniting Dreams” which was handled by seasoned speakers including;

  • Kojo Addae-Mensah (CEO, Databank Group)
  • Doris Wunu (Head of Corporate Banking, GCB Bank)
  • KSM
  • Kafui Dey
  • Bishop Gideon Titi-Offei (President, Accra Business School)
  • Bernard Alve (Journalist)
  • Ebenezer Saka

and a host of other resource persons.

The grand finale has been rebranded as Success Africa Festival and Awards (SAFA 2018) which seeks to award and honor distinguished speakers, volunteers and institutions that have contributed immensely to the success of the annual conference in diverse ways over the years. The Grand finale promises to be exciting and impact-filled with lots of give-aways to participants.

                                                       All are invited