​No Limits

It’s been long Coming, but collectively, we believe it will be worth waiting.

 Throughout decades of centuries and forth surging, the driving force behind our faster pace has never disappointed us. Though we stumble and fumble as we struggle, we rest not in battle. 

Yes! we care less about the limitations – they exist to catapult us to greater heights. We smile irrespective of our location and condition and do not allow the forces of oppression to clamp down our dreams and high hopes for a beautiful tomorrow. 

We smile and never respect class, race, colour and religious affiliations because we believe in what we see ourselves achieving together even from afar. 

Simply ask who we are , doubt not. We are TheNeverGiveUps.



BLOG PIC 2Isn’t it  really annoying  when your cell phone freezes for some time and you no longer have control over it for some minutes? How you wish your phone never freezes.
Interestingly, so far as the phone is an android or any of its affiliates, the possibility of it freezing at some point in time is inevitable.  Such devices are built  to respond to every command right after the  command has been issued . However, the phone may freeze when too many commands are issued within a particular time frame and this  slows the performance of the device.
Sometimes, the phone freezes when we try to launch an application right after switching it on. It does same when after few seconds of switching on the data, we launch a data dependent app such as WhatsApp, Facebook and what have you. Here is a way out  of this inconvenience.


1. Go to settings

  1. Then tap About Phone
  2.  Find the entry titled “BUILD NUMBER” and tap it repeatedly for Seven (7) Times
  3. Press the back button and you will see a new option called ‘ DEVELOPER OPTIONS’ menu above ABOUT PHONE
  4. Tap to open the “DEVELOPER OPTIONS” menu, scroll down and find the following 3 SETTINGS



By DEFAULT each of those scale is set to 1. Open them one at a time and change 1 to 0.5.

NOTE choose 0.5* not 5*

Relationship is a serious Business.

Unlike those period where  one could inherit a property from a relative on the ticket of uncle or most commonly father’s inheritance, the gradual alterations in the extended family system and the inevitable winds of civilization is making such a system of inheritance  defunct.

In our modern days, succession plans are documented and binding. One is expected to workout his future instead of relying on a father or an Uncle for a family property.

 Interesting enough, a concocted story has been carved out of the creation story.  Jokingly,  it  is said that when the creator of the universe created man(Adam), he felt lonely and requested for a companion. Creator of nature paid heed to man’s request and provided a ‘life companion and a partner’ in the person of Eve (woman).

It goes on to say that, after sometime in the garden of Eden,  Eve led Adam to sin and the duo were thrown out of the beautiful garden. This made the creator regretted ever ‘choosing’ a life partner for a man and has since then given man the free will to select his own partner!
If the aforesaid is enough to make a logical claim,  then, man has since creation been a victim of choices and decisions. Fathers and Uncles hardly bequest wealth and property to relatives on the mere grounds of blood relations. The modern day individual needs to sow , water and harvest the product of his/her own decisions.
It is now a topical issue in our modern day social circles-social life owing to the alarming rate of divorces and heart breaks especially in our part of the world.

Experts and hundreds of relationship counsellors have attributed the emerging trend of break ups to  unquantifiable number of  factors.

 Conventionally, you and I would easily think of trust, betrayal , cheating et al as the major causes of truncated relationships or better still marriage.

By dint of direct and indirect insight, I can clearly state that , relationship is synonymous to any other business entity.
You can’t expert a relationship to survive if you don’t invest in it-investment in the colour of time, energy and money. Like a business venture, relationship is very expensive – and it doesn’t cost only money.
A living relationship is the one that thrives on effective communication, unusual sacrifices, respect and commitment. A business will collapse if the PR fails to the task. How you relate to your partner is very keen. Do you see him/her as a complement or you are just complacent and think you are always right?

Wack relationships are built on lies , mistrust, self-centeredness and an unnecessary desire for sex- physical attraction counts a lot in establishing a lasting relationship , however it is never the live wire.
In relationships, the little things people take for granted-basic courtesy can cost you that cherished relationship. Thus, one has negotiate, tolerate the opinions of others ,  adopt and above all sacrifice for the good of all.


Successful business tycoons are mostly those with a  sustained relationships. The reason is very obvious, if you can not manage and grow your private relationship/marriage how then do you intend to grow your business?

Human behaviour is too complex to predict. However, like the business arena, you will have less control over prices and stocks. In the world of uncertainty, will your business crash due to a glitch in stocks and the fluctuations in prices? Certainly no!  There is always a way out. We have our destinies in our hands.

The Eves are not supposed to wait until an Adam request their presence. You can grow you social man just like you dreamt of.
On the other hand, the Adams are aware what nature said. No Eves are going to be created upon request. They exist are you have to figure them out.

Be with the best person in relationship and treat them like your well invested business. If it’s difficult to detect a best partner for your life time relationship, create them like an entrepreneur. A ‘good’ relationship is an asset and a ‘bad’ one is of course, a liability!