LEC presents Success Praise, 2018

Leadership Empowerment Consult in collaboration with all Churches and Music Groups on UCC present success praise to commemorate their 10th Anniversary.

The event, dubbed ‘success Praise’ is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 25th November, 2018 5pm prompt at the S. K Adjepong Lecture Theatre, University of Cape Coast.

Success Praise is under the theme “Enter His gate with Thanksgiving” taken from Psalm 100:4.

Ministering at the program is the legendary minister of God, Pastor Joe Beecham. There will also be series of ministrations from the LEC Mass Choir and other music groups within UCC and beyond.

Success Praise, Enter His gate with Thanksgiving!

Come let’s praise the Lord for how far He has brought us.


Success Africa Conference Climaxes on Nov. 3

Success Africa, a career development and entreprenuership conference organized under the auspices of LEC Group is set to draw the curtains down for this year’s edition on Saturday, 3rd November, 2018.

Some Speakers of the Conference


A cross-section of participants at the conference

This year’s version of Success Africa Commenced on the 29th of September and all is set for the Grand Finale on the aforementioned date at the Bank of Ghana Auditorium – University of Ghana.

After touring 8 regions and 9 University/Polytechnic Campuses this year, the event has impacted over 17,500 lives nationwide.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Albert Kusi, CEO of LEC Group and conference host expressed his satisfaction about this year’s conference. “It’s been an amazing experience. The response from participants, the hunger for knowledge and the massive turnout at the various venues especially the Northern part of Ghana and KNUST.” He said.

Success Africa 2018 is organized under the theme “Igniting Dreams” which was handled by seasoned speakers including;

  • Kojo Addae-Mensah (CEO, Databank Group)
  • Doris Wunu (Head of Corporate Banking, GCB Bank)
  • KSM
  • Kafui Dey
  • Bishop Gideon Titi-Offei (President, Accra Business School)
  • Bernard Alve (Journalist)
  • Ebenezer Saka

and a host of other resource persons.

The grand finale has been rebranded as Success Africa Festival and Awards (SAFA 2018) which seeks to award and honor distinguished speakers, volunteers and institutions that have contributed immensely to the success of the annual conference in diverse ways over the years. The Grand finale promises to be exciting and impact-filled with lots of give-aways to participants.

                                                       All are invited

All new Black Panther Poetry By The Village Thinkers

IMG-20180729-WA0021The Village Thinkers, known for their Poetic prowess come your way with another masterpiece of unadulterated poetry.

Black Panther (poem) , puts across the potentials of the African continent and the group reignited the African dream with series of mind blowing lines of poetry that has the potency of Liberating the African soul.

Below is the lyrics for the piece…

— Intro —
•||Kofi Acquah||•

“Afrika ni nzuri sana” — Africa is magnificent

— Chant —
||Mixed voices||
Moja – 1
Mbili – 2
Tatu – 3

— P a r t i —
•||Kofi Acquah||•

Black is Life
2000 words have welded the mind in halves
black is black
Yet, black shines in the dark
even when the clock is ticking in tides
Let these minutes show the black shine
in the dark

Tsetse ayer no robo
H3n Tsetse kyen no rekasa
Tsetse amandze pa rofr3fr3
Adze akye ebia —
Y3kaay3 y3nnmoa—
S3 yannto sebe3 a, na 3y3 ampa
Ahwenepa 3nkasa,
3y3 ampa

Ehina mu nsu na renantsew afon ho anopa yi
yi wenyiwa mu mpe na hw3 ebibiman akoma yi
Bu nkwetsikura na hw3 h3n nyansa kora yi asaw a, Ah!

I have shrouded my beauty in decency
Give me a scarf to welcome my Angels
Protect my feet with ”ahenema”
For the five fingers of the black Sun have dispatched a dead hope of a known soul into a cracking calabash before this dawn
Nyew, aketesia akata ne ho esie
Na mpanyimfo afa hɔn kente
Mese, ebibiman ahofadze da nsow
Do not forget the thumb to bring back good old memories from these photos I see
For good memories, revive dead emotions into the voices of a morning breeze

There is soul
There is a soul in Art
Art has a womb
Art has a womb in our hearts
There is beauty-history-mystery
Beaming like a 12 sunshine on the cheeks of our land
— Hook —
•||Ekow Dodd||•
I am the seed of Africa

— Part ii —
•||Ekow Dodd||•

Time shall only become time in the heart of a man
When good times
Have become a nun
under the hut of the mind

I have stepped in the last breed of a farmer
I have held the torn sac of a hunter
I have felt the spirit of the last breeze of 7 fortified souls
& seen a seed sowed
By these folks
Against the old

Let the ears listen to the rattle of African beads
Let the eyes see the past in these paintings
Let the belly be full and heal and eat
O’ Come – sit – sip & sooth the spirit with talking drums
Men have slept in the wood
Men have sculptured in wisdom to stand the breath of our history

— P a r t iii —

Adom aky3dze a tsetse borbor odomankoma dze ky33 h3n kwa
na atsen fɛɛfɛɛfɛw dɛ ɛsutsen fri tsetse eyi akyea ebu olikyi abefifir asow aba wɔ ndɛ mbabun nsa mu yi oo..
ɔdomankoma bɔɔ ewia
ɔbɔɔ ebibiman sie mu nhyira
Bɔɔ nyimpa ma no nyimdzii
Kosi ntsetsee

Footprints of the old
are walking on the mind
relaxing on sundown swings
on the shores at nine

… look down the hill
Men are growing Tails
…look down the hill
Women are digging caves
There is no tonight in Knights last night
It was the soul
that changed; they said

To the weak in hands
To the weak in sight
To the weak in feeting on the shoulders of the land
To the weak in body might
Sing with me: a chorus
like the songs of early morn birds

For the Village Thinkers —2x
have come
to feed your souls and minds
with woven words
not of earth

— Poetic Sign Out —
And so, when you hear the rumbling of the thunder & a voice shouting louder in the mist of Poetic Minds—
Do not forget, but remember,
that before the Mystics disappear
I pour no libation to sin the earth
of only words and spirit I pair
The Village Thinkers

— Outro —
•||Ekow Dodd||•
Sana ya Afrika
Afrika ni nzuri sana



The rainy season has not eluded us the seasonal showers and we wish that is all it could bless us with. But unfortunately, the usual storms that accompanied the wet season is less felt as Gender issues continue to take centre stage.

In the contemporary world in general and 21st Century in particular, the 3 topmost issues that are permeating society I think will be Acts of Terrorism, Homosexuality and thirdly, the theme for this write up – issues of Gender Advocacy especially Feminism.

The basic difference between our modern day feminists and Gender Advocates could be likened to Education , awareness of Gender roles and bitterness. It’s not surprising that most women under the cloth of bitterness and pain from precedence, tend to hate men for reasons only known to them and by extension , call that backward acts ‘feminism’ and pride themselves as ‘feminist.’

It is barbaric that some men in modern day delineates the competencies of women to the ‘conventional’ kitchen. Society has transcended from such a limited purview from which men and women role must be viewed. Statements such as ‘All men are the same’ and ‘women will always be women’ are derogatory in nature and must be suppressed among the sexes.

Inasmuch as women want their voices to be heard, it is prudent that they get the necessary education to talk about gender sensitive issues and not just limit themselves to feminism which most women use as an expression of hatred for men because men are ‘suppresive’.

There is less doubt that most societies are patriarchally skewed. However, our collective mission as men and women in the discourse of Gender is to dig deep and fish out the institutions that are reinforcing gender disparities in societies.
What is the role of Religion, Culture, Biology, Politics among others in the continual existence of Gender differences and Inequalities in the society?
These are the right questions to find answers to rather than just flooding social media with gender biased posts which contribute less or even nothing to Gender parity.

Biologically, he was a male and for that matter a man. However, in his multiple award winning novel – In The Chest of a woman, the late Efo Kodjo Mawugbe stressed the unrelenting zeal of women to do something for the society if not for themselves. He wrote , “in the Chest of a woman, it is not only an extension of breast and a feeble heart but a flaming desire to posses and use power”

This statement (from a man) seems to incite the power of women in society and for which and among other reasons, women must not be discriminated , suppressed and worse of all, relegated to the kitchen.

Men must see women as having the potentials and strength to match up.
The differences between the two sexes must be buried in biology instead of social and cultural definitions which poses a greater threat to social Cohesion.

To draw the line, sex is the biological definition for being a male or female. Gender on the other hand is the social and cultural definition for being a man or women. From the gender perspective, the roles and responsibilities are woven into our make and we tend to act based on the social abstractions of who a man or women is. Women love pink and men love blue, men are providers and women are nurturers, men love mathematics and women love the Arts are but few of socially defined Gender traits which are subject to changes from the onset of primary socialization.

Education is the key and it must be the driving force in reconciling the social differences between the two sexes.

We must come to terms with the fact that we need each other to exceed our limits. The progress society needs lies in the collective efforts of both parties. Both must learn, relearn and unlearn where necessary to appreciate their critical roles in society and at least give each other the desirable accolades in reaching their goals for the benefit of society and Humanity at large.

Of course, “the women must be crazy”, most men rant these words upon hearing that they (women) want to pull parity but my question is , what is the role of men in the ‘craziness’ of women?

Don’t sell Ice cream.

Back then in elementary school, leisure was only about having a bit of a sugary and creamy combination that leaves good memories during recess. Our definition of ‘break time’ was not about relaxation but an avenue to lay our hands on a delicious ice cream. The seller of the ice cream was most often than not our best friend irrespective of his or her age. His/her presence on campus made us happy and his/her absence was badly felt.

But as I write this piece , my relationship with that ice cream seller is nothing but a memory recounted from my days in elementary school. I remember ice cream sellers were loved, smiled at and liked by all simply because they (ice cream sellers) always want to make people happy.

As I add numbers to my age, I have realized that most people are caught up in the trap of selling ice cream in real life situations. The question is, who is an ice cream seller?
In simple terms, they are the people who try to satisfy the demands of all those who come their way – always want to see the people around them happy with their physical presence. They hate critics and frown on change. With the complexity of human behavior, meeting the demands of all is herculean a task and could lead to a compromise.

In making people around us happy, we are more likely to suppress our believes, norms and values in order to meet their demands and expectations. You might be deceiving yourself that people like you and for that matter, persistently, you want to make them happy by any means possible. Consistently, you became a victim of indecisions because you might change your behavior to suit how they want you to be – and you settle for less of your capabilities. Selling an ice cream alienates you from yourself. Your actions, thoughts and behaviors are externally motivated and you become a pretender so that people will like you. The reality is, you cannot make everyone happy. Even with selling ice creams, some people prefer less sugar to more and you can have some challenges with meeting their demands too.

In the course of life, there may be people who will hate you for who you are and for what you do but that doesn’t mean you should set your standards so low to harbour mediocre thoughts of people. No matter how you live your life, people are going to criticize it, lambast you for doing certain things your way but that’s not enough reason to stop being you. Embrace critics that will shape your life and not those that will make you settle for less than your potentials all in the name of making someone happy. The best motivation in life is intrinsically triggered.

Maybe previously you have been selling ice cream but it’s better late than never – you can breakaway from that chain. The first indicator for you to know that you are no longer selling ice cream is that, you will lose friends. I mean friends you have  stayed connected to for a while. Their proximity to you may begin to widen as you shut down the ice cream business.

This will be an opportunity for you to nurture yourself and be that person you always wanted to be but for selling of ice cream. You will no longer live a life that seeks to please someone. You don’t have to make everyone happy as you give your life a true meaning and a proper reflection of who you are.

You are worth more than being an average person. Speak life into your life and walk into the steps of realizing your full potential. Selling an ice cream is quite a limitation to self-awareness and control.

Never Feel Empty

As usual, I went through my usual routine this morning just like every morning. The writing instincts did put me at ease. I was out of a captivating point to write about for a moment. I must say I felt empty to some extent because I didn’t know what to write about.

Just as I was contemplating on what to pen down this morning , an idea stuck my skull and I captioned it ‘Never feel empty.’
At a point in time in the life of a man, one may experience some challenging moments and if care is not taken, one may be quick to see her/himself as worthless. You may have been disappointed for once or a thousands times in your life and that’s a good source of potential empty feeling. Because of your present or past experiences , you think there is nothing you could do and worst of all , you feel useless in your present circumstances.

Let’s make a biblical reference to the story of Moses. From all indications, Moses was destined for greatness and was a man prepared to lead the people of Isreal out of bondage. But when the time came for him to deliver, he felt empty and had a perception of incompetency to lead his people.
When God instructed him to tell Pharaoh and his officials to allow the people of Israel go, Moses out of emptiness said ” What if they don’t believe me or listen to me? What if they say, ‘the Lord never appeared to you’?” Here, Moses was in doubt as to how the Leaders of Egypt were going to listen to the message he carried and also believe him. He felt he had nothing to prove to pharoah that he is capable of Leading the people of God out of Egypt until God asked him “What is in your hand?” Moses replied, “A Shepherd’s staff.’

… And with a ‘common shepherd’s staff’ God used Moses to lead His people out of Egypt.
At times we belittle ourselves because we don’t know our worth and the value of our inner possessions. We live on inhibited identities and feel empty of doing more of what we can actually excel at doing.

You are never useless, you were created to influence, control and take dominion over the creations. You carry a will and a force to do something greater than you can imagine. The on justifiable way to feel empty is to die having fufiled your full potentials. Once you have life, you are never empty. Don’t be limited interms of Geography and Space and never for a moment in your life feel empty but when you do, think , analyze and ask yourself this ‘simple’ question, “what is in my hands?”

Biblical reference: Exodus 4:1-2

How to build a Brand – BRND 102


Having dealt with personal branding just a week ago, this episode will bring to light 5 Ideal steps to building a brand (BRND 102). It will provide a step by step and a proven approach to guide and direct whoever is willing and determined to build a successful brand. One key factor in branding is that, even if you are selling a product/service, the one selling is not separated from whatever she/he sells–You can’t simply alienate the seller from the product. For these strategic reasons, the following points are worthy of consideration in the process of building a brand.

Firstly, there is the need to identity strengths and weaknesses. This is at most the best opportunity to exploit if you are to break into any competitive field and succeed. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses helps you to know the methods to employ to improve upon yourself and also the areas that must be improved. In building a brand, it is very keen to know who you really are and be definitive as possible because unless you are inventing something, there certainly would exist prototypes of what ever service you are going to offer.

Also, know your product. Apart from identifying your industrial strengths and weaknesses, it now dons on you to label what ever product you are selling. By so doing, you get the exact description, value and worth of your product or service which would be presentable in the eyes of your clients or who ever may be in need of your service. If you know your product/service very well, you will know how exactly you can sell to even the ‘hardcore’ client with little of no  bargains.

Thirdly, you must know who your competitors are.
This is the most important part and the very reason for which branding is a necessity. Whatever service you are offering, believe it or not, you are not going to operate in isolation. Even if you operate as a monopolist in your field, for how long would you continue to build a great wall to bar competitors? Knowing your competitors as well as their, customers and the products/service they offer will not only make you a spies but will also provide you with options to act either in accordance with or contrary to the principles and strategies your competitors are operating. This must be done to capitalize on both strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and to be able to situate your brand and to stay at par if not above your competitors.

In addition, you must “Dare” to be different. What is the essence of identifying your strengths and weaknesses, knowing your product/service and finally knowing your competitors if not for the quest to be different? The first 3 points will quickly reveal the features and characteristics of ‘ the seller (yourself)’ , the product and the environment in which one operates. The trio , well harnessed will be an incredible tool to penetrate a highly competitive market. At this stage , you are well versed with the basic information and the only tool available to employ is a tool to be different. Be different in appearance, human/customer relations and product delivery as well as other competitive advantages you may have identified during the process of identifying yourself, product and competitors.

Finally, embrace changing trends.
Throughout the history of man, change and progress are best explained as ubiquitous. Therefore a 21st century man that fails to see change and embrace it is better off living in the prehistoric era. Changes and alterations in the conventional principles of doing business are being spearheaded by technology which is changing virtually everything changeable and even at a pace faster than Michael Jackson changed the shape of his nose. There is the need to plan and prepare adequately to embrace the changes brought forth by technology and other agents of change so that in the event that type-writers become less relevant, you will comfortably migrate and adopt to the current trend.

To a very substantial extent, I believe these points will equip one with the necessary skills to be in business and also survive in a very competitive environment. There may be other subsidiary points such as knowing your ‘target market’ (buyers). However, I considered this point subsidiary to the aforementioned 5 because, in the process of knowing your competitors, you are more likely to come into contact with their buyers and you study them as well.

What’s next after building a brand for yourself? Sustainability! Your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully, I will come your way another time with the final episode which will emphasize on ‘How to sustain a brand’ (BRND 103)

Until then, you can leave a comment or provide suggestions right under this post.